Local Used Car Dealer benefits from local search marketing

Potential used car buyers are searching the Internet more than ever before even venturing out to a dealer. It is important for the used car dealership to have a local online presence and show up in the local search results. The most important place to show up is in Google Places, which is Google’s local business directory because they have the majority of the search market.

Local search marketing starts with keyword research. You have to know what words or combination of words searchers are using to find a particular service or product. After identifying the most used terms for the local used car market in Lafayette,IN this particular used car dealers visibility increased by over 500 impressions in the first month. In this example Velocity Internet Consulting optimized their local business listing on Google Places by simply adding 4 keywords in the right place.

Online marketing doesn’t have to break your advertising budget. Hiring a professional Internet consultant can be a great benefit to the busy small business owner.

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